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Assessment Forms

Click here to download a printable copy of the Assessment Record and Remittance Report

General Egg Assessment Information

  1. The assessment is mandatory on all eggs produced in Iowa from flocks of more than 30,000 laying hens.
  2. The rate is 2.5 cents per 30-dozen produced (e.g. 30-doz. case)
  3. The assessment is due on all eggs whether produced for the shell market or broken for further processing.
    1. Exceptions to this are:
      1. Incubated eggs
      2. Hatching eggs not intended for human consumption (hatching eggs going to human consumption are assessed)
      3. Eggs used for vaccines
  4. The assessments are due within 30 days of each calendar quarter. You can pay monthly and many firms do.
  5. Due dates are:
    1. September 30
    2. December 31
    3. March 31
    4. June 30
  6. The Iowa Egg Council charges interest on delinquent assessments.

Please contact the Iowa Egg Council Office at 515-727-4701 if you have any additional questions.

Thank you!


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